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  • 23-Jun-2021 13:31 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Celebrate in style with your colleagues this Christmas with a range of festive dining packages that will cater for all your party requirements - from AUD99 per person.

    Enjoy a delightful canape package, delicious set menu or a Christmas themed buffet hosted with care by the friendly and expert PARKROYAL Parramatta team.

    All packages include a DJ and dancefloor, lectern with microphone and Christmas theming.

    To book your Christmas party, speak with PARKROYAL Parramatta's Meetings and Events team:

    P: 02 9685 0339


    For further information click here.

    Christmas Canapes
    • AUD99 per person
    • Eight piece canape package including hot, cold and dessert station options
    • Three hour beverage package

    Christmas Set Menu
    • AUD110 per person
    • Three course alternate serve menu
    • Four hour beverage package

    Christmas Buffet 
    • AUD119 per person
    • Christmas themed buffet
    • Four hour beverage package

    Terms and conditions

    • Minimum of fifty guests per booking applies.
    • Minimum spend applies.
    • Standard beverage package included in all Christmas packages.
    • Christmas theming included in the package consists of a Christmas tree, Christmas bon-bons and a table centrepiece.
    • Subject to hotel availability.
    • Inclusive of GST.
    • Valid for bookings between 1st October – 31st December 2021.
    • A merchant service fee of 0.99% for Alipay, 1.25% for American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Union Pay and 3% for Diners and JCB will be applied to all credit card payments.

  • 23-Jun-2021 11:59 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Rich Cropley, CEO of legendary outdoor adventure company, Rhino-Rack, is proud to announce their eligibility to use the iconic Australian Made logo on many of their cross bar roof rack product range.

    “We are truly Australian owned, operated and now officially Australian Made on many of our products. We are proud to now be donning the renowned green and gold Australian Made logo.” said Rich. This translates to jobs for Aussies, skill development for locals, and a team that Richard calls family at their Eastern Creek warehouse.

    Australian Made Chief Executive, Ben Lazzaro, said “The Australian Made logo is the true mark of Aussie authenticity. It is exciting to see many items in Rhino-Rack’s cross bar roof rack range carrying the iconic green and gold kangaroo.

    Aussie products are made to some of the highest standards in the world. They are trusted and known for their safety and quality. When you buy Australian, you are also helping to pump money back into our economy, which helps to keep Aussie jobs, strengthen local industries and supports local communities.”

    The Rhino-Rack family are not the only locals benefiting from the partnership. Sydney manufacturer, Laser Wizard, sells components to Rhino-Rack, helping them deliver their locally produced products. CEO, Lawrence Thomson said, “without companies like Rhino-Rack supporting local businesses, we wouldn’t be able to continue to develop and grow the standard of our manufacturing or stay in business at all.”

    And Rich agrees. “We’ve got to help get everyone back to work, but we also need to think about developing our own skills and industry here in Australia, so we’ve got a robust Australian manufacturing industry that’s got jobs for Aussies in the future”.

  • 23-Jun-2021 11:10 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    “Sometimes it can be easier to go with the flow in business, but conformity can come at a cost.” In this video, Subculture Co-Founder, Michael Maness, explains why dominant logic can be so dangerous for businesses and what leaders can do about it.

    Watch it here.

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  • 23-Jun-2021 09:52 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    WSBC would like to welcome our newest Gold member J&J Metro Air Conditioning.

    With over 27 years of experience and a client portfolio including developers of large commercial, residential and retail projects, their mission is to deliver clean, comfortable, and fresh air across Australia, through filtered, heating and cooling air conditioning and mechanical ventilation solutions.

    They offer a complete turn-key solution from initial concept and engineering designs through to sourcing equipment, manufacturing parts, installation, servicing and preventative maintenance programs.

    You can follow J&J Metro on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook or get in touch with them on:

    P: 1300 883 153


    Image: Infinity By Crown Group; Photo credit: Jarvis Liu.

  • 18-Jun-2021 13:34 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    The cyber threats facing businesses today are very different from last year. With more businesses automating processes and moving online, cyber criminals are quick to exploit the new digital economy.

    The team at William Buck hosted a special webinar with a panel of technology experts who discussed the security controls and strategies that every business should be thinking about.

    Click here to view the webinar.

  • 17-Jun-2021 14:11 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    By Diana Tapp, CEO of World Class Teams

    Do star players automatically become successful coaches? What qualities do you need to keep an eye out for when choosing a coach? What skills do they require?

    When a top coach is needed for the football, netball or rugby team a top-performing player is often selected. They are seen as the ‘obvious choice’, but the skills of a successful coach are completely different to the skills of a star player.

    Gets results largely through their own ability and skill Gets results by improving the skills of other people
    Can do ‘the job’ quickly and well Coaches and develops others to do ‘the job’
    Must be motivated and disciplined enough to practise Inspire others to want to practise
    Be motivated to deliver Motivate others
    Execute the strategy Create the strategy
    Often struggle to accommodate less able and motivated team members Is patient and enables players to learn

    When you compare the skills, it becomes obvious that they are very different.

    It is critical that when a player makes this transition, they are trained in the new skills they require. They must not be given the job and expected to make the transition automatically, just because they have a new title!

    The Must-Have Skills of a Coach

    The coach needs to bring out the best in each player and in the team as a whole in order to win games and then tournaments. It is important the coach is competent in the sport, otherwise he/she has no credibility as a coach. But once that box is ticked, what matters is the coach’s ability to

    • Get to know each player’s skills and what motivates them
    • Inspire players to give their best, at practice and during the games
    • Coach them in the skills they need to improve and win matches
    • Create the strategy for the game plan and the style of play appropriate for winning each match
    • Set clear expectations and hold the players to account
    • Mould talented individuals into a winning team, a star team rather than a team of stars

    It is these coaching skills that make them succeed or fail as a coach, with their team enjoying a winning streak or living a losing nightmare.

    The Same is True for Leaders

    The sports coach experience is mirrored in business with leaders and managers.

    Staff who demonstrate a high level of technical or professional skill stand out. They complete tasks and projects quickly and to a high standard. Their work ethic, output and results get noticed. They are your standout performers and as a result, they get promoted to a management/leadership role, the equivalent of the sports coach.

    But just as with sports, the leadership skills they need now are completely different to the technical or professional skills they are so talented and experienced in.

    While they probably have talent in one or two of those skills, it is very unlikely that they demonstrate ALL five critical leadership skills, the skills which are essential for top-performing leaders. There will be some significant gaps in their leadership ability, and it is critical they get training and mentoring to fix these gaps.

    The Transition to Leadership

    Often those gaps include learning to ‘let go’ of a number of habits.

    Habits like ‘quickly doing tasks’ because they easily can, and the tasks ‘won’t take any time’. Actually, easy tasks are the easiest ones to delegate, and they should be delegated.

    Habits like ‘I’ll answer that because the client knows me’ even though they now have a new account manager. In doing so, you disregard the fact that this behaviour reinforces that the client can always come directly to you. In addition, inadvertently and disturbingly you undermine the confidence and position of the new account manager too.

    Habits like making decisions without consulting your team. We often excuse this behaviour with statements like ‘well, there just won’t be time to check/consult with everyone’. This excuse is half-true at best, mostly it reflects the desire to make decisions yourself and quickly, and then to take action. These are excellent skills in a high-performing team member but not so excellent in a manager or leader who wants to succeed in that role and be respected and admired by their team.


    Think about the people you have promoted in your business. Do you always give them the training and skills to become excellent leaders? Or do you hope that since they were high-performers they will automatically morph into excellent leaders?

    How many great future leaders have left your business as a result, believing they are failures?

    Do you want World Class Leaders in Your Business?

    Enquire about World Class Teams’ nationally accredited BSB51918 – Diploma of Leadership and Management program with generous funding assistance available from the NSW Government.

    Want to Know More About the Diploma?

    • Delivered by Diana Tapp from World Class Teams
    • Download your free Diploma course guide here
    • Click here to submit your Expression of Interest, or
    • Contact World Class Teams on 1300 085 248 or 

  • 17-Jun-2021 13:52 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    If there is one thing Australians have learned from the ongoing pandemic, it is the critical importance of research and its ability to change the world. That is exactly what Jeans for Genes aims to do – change the world for kids with genetic disease.

    Imagine what would be possible for the 1 in 20 kids facing a birth defect or genetic disease - if we all invested in research this Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 6th August. This fundraiser enables the vital work being done in the Westmead labs at Children’s Medical Research Institute (CMRI), which couldn’t happen without community support.

    CMRI’s research could change the lives of kids like Jude who has Cystic Fibrosis. His mum, Caron, is a nurse and when he was diagnosed as a newborn baby, she mourned the life she felt he was losing with such a serious condition that impacts his lungs every day.

    “Mothers will know, you've got this blissful new-mum feeling,’’ Caron said. “And then that feeling just vanished straightaway. I could not enjoy it when he learnt to smile. I would just burst into tears.’’

    But then Caron discovered all the research being done on CF, and she now lives in hope.

    “With all the genetic research, there really is a lot of hope. It is exciting, I no longer think my child will die at a young age. People should invest in research - it will save lives. They could be your children; they could be your grandchildren.’’

    One of the biggest hopes for families of children with genetic disease is gene therapy. This technology adds a working copy of a faulty gene to diseased cells or replaces the genetic error with a functioning ‘edit’. Gene therapy aims to cure, not just treat, genetic disorders by addressing the cause—errors in genes.

    Children’s Medical Research Institute is a world renowned for its research contributions to the “genomic revolution’’. Research leader, Associate Professor Leszek Lisowski and his team are developing gene therapy tools that can be used in conditions ranging from blindness-causing eye diseases to cystic fibrosis and life-threatening metabolic conditions of the liver.

    “While the knowledge and diagnostic power around genetic disease has grown exponentially, the progress in disease prevention and treatment has been slower,’’ Associate Professor Lisowski said. “Gene therapy has the power to fill the gap that has formed between our ability to diagnose and cure a disease and therefore bring real benefits to patients.

    “This is an exciting and a very rewarding time to be a researcher in the area of gene therapy.”

    With your help we can make a difference to children and families over many future generations. Jeans for Genes Day is on Friday August 6th, but you can donate any time of year! Sign up to raise money, volunteer or learn more at

  • 15-Jun-2021 17:00 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    City of Parramatta Lord Mayor Cr Bob Dwyer has welcomed the NSW Government’s commitment to invest $50 million in Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 planning in its upcoming 2021-22 NSW Budget.

    “Parramatta Light Rail is a game-changing transport project for the City of Parramatta and it’s fantastic to see the NSW Government committing to planning for Stage 2,” Cr Dwyer said.

    “City of Parramatta Council has long advocated for a light rail network that includes Sydney Olympic Park with a direct interchange to Sydney Metro West, ferries and the existing heavy rail network.

    “Sydney’s Central River City is booming and a strong public transport connection from the Parramatta CBD to growing residential suburbs and employment hubs will support our transformation.

    “This critical funding announcement is a really important next step in realising the vision for a 30-minute City, and now provides certainty for the community and businesses along the route.”

    In its Local Strategic Planning Statement, Council estimated that about 29,000 homes will be built along the extended Stage 2 route by 2036.

    “Parramatta Light Rail Stage 2 will provide enormous economic and social benefits for the communities along the proposed route, particularly the construction of a public transport bridge from Melrose Park to Wentworth Point,” Cr Dwyer said.

    “We look forward to working with the NSW Government to plan Stage 2 and ensure the project complements other City-shaping projects across the Parramatta Local Government Area.”

  • 03-Jun-2021 12:35 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    By Kim Nguyen, Lawyer at Matthews Folbigg Lawyers

    As we steadily enter 2021, Cyber security, IT and data analytics are the latest buzz words across every sector. The focus on cyber security is unsurprising as the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed private organisations to digitally hold and retain more personal data across the digital platform than ever before.

    The recent cyber security attacks on the Parliament House and Nine Entertainment (Channel Nine) are a shining example of the dangers associated with the use of third-party vendors (such as cloud storage) by commercial entities.

    In September 2020, a survey conducted by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) revealed that data privacy is a major concern for 70% of the Australian community, and almost 9 in 10 want more choice and control over their personal information.1

    In August 2020, the Minister for Home Affairs released ‘Australia’s Cyber Security Strategy 2020’. The strategy delivers an investment of $1.6 billion over the span of 10 years to strengthen cyber resilience across both the public and private sector.2 This is a massive jump from the 2016 Cyber Security Strategy which invested $230 million.

    What will cyber resilience look like in 2021?

    The key highlights of the plan:

    • Protecting and actively defending the critical infrastructure that all Australians rely on, including cyber security obligations for owners and operators.
    • New ways to investigate and shut down cyber crime, including on the dark web.
    • Stronger defences for Government networks and data.
    • Greater collaboration to build Australia’s cyber skills pipeline.
    • Increased situational awareness and improved sharing of threat information.
    • Stronger partnerships with industry through the Joint Cyber Security Centre program.
    • Advice for small and medium enterprises to increase their cyber resilience.
    • Clear guidance for businesses and consumers about securing Internet of Things devices.
    • 24/7 cyber security advice hotline for SMEs and families.
    • Improved community awareness of cyber security threats.
    • Operational resilience

    How can I protect my business and unauthorised access to customer data?

    1. Use the Australian Governments Cyber Security Assessment Tool to assess how secure your business is.

    2. Make it a habit to back up your business’s data and website in the event you lost any information during a cyber attack.

    3. Secure your devices and network by upgrading to the latest security software and operating system.

    4. Encrypt important and personal customer information, such as: name, signature, address, date of birth, medical records or any other information which could be used to identify your customers.

    5. Update your privacy policy and make it publically available on your business website.

    Most importantly, if your business has an annual turnover of over $3 million, you must comply with the Privacy Act. For further information on privacy obligations relating to small businesses, please visit the OAIC website.

    Cyber security was once seen as an “IT issue”. Now, cyber security is recognised as a core governance issue with regulatory bodies expecting greater accountability from directors and senior management.3 Although small and medium enterprises (SMEs) can expect to receive more assistance with their security awareness and capability, businesses should take steps to develop a skilled cyber workforce to instil greater consumer confidence in information and data handling.

    Further information

    The information contained in this article is general in nature and does not constitute legal advice. If you require specific advice or assistance on a particular privacy or workplace issue, please contact the Matthews Folbigg’s local government team on 9635 7966.

    Liability Limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation Commission

    1 Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, ‘Australians want more control over privacy, survey shows’ (Media Release,


    3 Cary Di Lernia, Catherine Hardy and Asaf Dori, Cyber-related Risk Disclosure in Australia: Evidence from the ASX200, Company and Securities Law Journal Vol 37(7) September 2020

  • 03-May-2021 14:39 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    BINGO has officially opened the world’s largest and most advanced dry mixed waste recycling facility at its Eastern Creek Recycling Ecology Park in Western Sydney.

    Federal Environment Minister, the Hon. Sussan Ley MP and the Hon. Trevor Evans MP, Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, along with NSW EPA CEO Tracy Mackey helped BINGO cut the ribbon on the new state-of-the-art recycling facility.

    Fitted with some of the world’s most advanced resource recovery and manufacturing technology, when fully operational the $100 million plant will be capable of diverting approximately 90% of materials from landfill.

    Construction of the facility has been supported by a $5 million grant from the NSW Environmental Trust as part of the NSW Government’s Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

    Federal Environment Minister, Sussan Ley, said:

    “Recycling and waste management are both a key environmental issues and key economic opportunities."

    "I applaud BINGO for being at the leading edge of the supply curve as the market for recycled materials will continue to grow."

    “We want people, companies and industries to have a genuine reason to recycle, to have confidence in the process and in the new products that will be created."

    “The Morrison Government is committed to the process and Bingo have made it clear today that they are committed,” Minister Ley said.

    NSW EPA CEO Tracy Mackey said:

    “The EPA encourages the waste sector to find innovative solutions that can help preserve resources and prevent waste from going to landfill.”

    "This facility supports the move towards a circular economy and with the $5m funding received from the NSW Government I look forward to seeing the innovative outcomes of this project near the end of 2021,” she said.

    BINGO Managing Director and CEO Daniel Tartak said delivery of this project was significant for not only BINGO but also for the growth and development of Australia’s circular economy.

    “As companies like BINGO, encouraged by supportive government policy, begin to invest in these world-class assets, we are starting to see a shift away from our traditional model of “take, make and dispose” towards a circular model where resources are preserved and reused,” Daniel said.

    “Our vision is for a waste free Australia. Completion of this project will be a significant milestone in the development of our world-class Recycling Ecology Park, which is a central part of achieving this vision,” he said.

    The 9,000 square metre plant is now BINGO’s largest in its recycling network and is expected to process up to 7,000 tonnes of materials a day or 300 tonnes per hour. The new plant is capable of processing both building & demolition (B&D) and commercial & industrial (C&I) waste.

    The advanced screening, sorting and processing technology installed in the new plant will produce a high-quality end-product, most of which will be turned into BINGO’s ECO Product range of recycled building and landscaping products such as aggregate, roadbase, sand, soil, mulches, paper, cardboard, plastics and metals.

    “BINGO’s recycling segment and revenue from our recycled products continue to grow each year. We have a big vision for our Eastern Creek Ecology Park with development plans underway for additional facilities at the site to deliver solutions for other waste streams such as tyres, plastics and glass,” Daniel said.

    “We are really proud of what we have achieved here, this has been our biggest development to-date and it is an exciting time to be operating in the recycling industry,” he said.

    Construction of this project has created some 400 construction jobs and will generate up to 100 jobs once operational.

    Expected to be fully-operational in July this year, the plant has also been fitted with the latest in safety, environment and fire management technology and rain water catchment tanks.

    The new recycling centre will also be fitted with rooftop solar later this year, as part of BINGO’s RE100 commitment to achieve 100% renewable electricity across all its sites by 2025.

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