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Parramatta's best dining

11-Sep-2013 14:55 | Anonymous
Sydney's 'second city' is stepping up to - and loading - the plate with its burgeoning, vibrant and diverse culinary culture, asserting itself as a foodie hub.

When Circa was handed the gong for best cafe at the Good Cafe Guide awards earlier this year, city dwellers raised eyebrows in unison: ''What is this malarkey, George? Quality coffee in Parramatta?'' Not only is there brill coffee, there's a bevy of other new happenings for those who like to eat and drink (that is, everyone). As local resident Arthur Tong, of artisan tea wholesaler Tea Craft, reports: ''It hasn't taken long for the food trucks to arrive here, and food events in laneways and unused buildings are now a regular feature. The Parra food scene has asserted itself as an important binding element of our community.''

The farmers' market has been revamped with a focus on organic produce and, in the past year or so, there's been an increase in good cafes, including hole-in-the-wall espresso bars. ''The feeling lately here is quite electric,'' Tong says. ''We're on the brink of major change and the excitement is palpable. This is the first time locals are feeling like we're finally stepping up as truly Sydney's second city.''

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