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At Energy Action, we make energy simpler, cleaner and lower cost

23-Sep-2021 09:16 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

By Energy Action

Our story began 21 years ago as a small, western Sydney based business. In the 2 decades since, we have grown to be a company that services over 7,000 clients, with over 20,000 small and large business sites being supported by us. We’re ASX listed and AFS licensed, with offices all around Australia.

So, how do we make energy simpler, cleaner and lower cost for Australian businesses?

1. By Reducing energy prices.

We offer scalable energy buying solutions that drive down energy prices and help clients reach affordable Net Zero targets. Famous for our reverse auction platform, we drive competition to deliver lowest cost and fair outcomes. We have over $1 billion of energy spend under management.

2. Energy Management services to stop you burning money.

We scrutinise and measure every energy bill you receive and check it four ways. This allows us to assist your business in identifying emissions you can prevent and the money you can save.

3. Helping you take action to achieve net zero.

Energy is the starting point for any net zero journey. We provide data, insights, and tools specific to your situation and size so you can achieve Net Zero at least cost.

At Energy Action, we pride ourselves on:

  • Our Expertise 
We have a national team of experts, real people, able to go the distance with you to identify better ways of buying, generating and managing your energy.
  • Our Leadership 
We have the buying power as a market leader to fight for a better deal with independent comparison.
  • Our Technology 
Developed from client and industry insights, we translate the market’s complexity and reduce your energy category spend.
  • Leading Net Zero
We bring the renewable energy market to Australian businesses. We built the standard for the renewable energy supply agreement to take the risk and costs out of net zero for energy.
  • Working across the renewable energy supply chain 

We support our customers define, procure and implement their solar and storage projects to reduce their emissions at least cost.

To find out more about how we can support your business on its Net Zero journey, we’re holding a free webinar on the 7th October. Join our National Manager, Tim Smith, along with the Energy Efficiency Council’s Head of Projects, Holly Taylor as they step out a holistic and systematic approach towards setting up your businesses net zero goals.

You’ll be able to learn about how you can lead your business by Building a Case for Change: How You Can Lead Your Business Towards Net Zero At least Cost.

For more information and to register for our webinar, click here


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