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Exclusive Offer For WSBC Members – Free ‘Letter of Demand’

20-Aug-2021 15:27 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

Based in Parramatta, Matthews Folbigg Lawyers offers a diverse range of legal services to small and large companies across Australia. They have a large Debt Recovery group that has extensive experience in collections across many differing industry types. Matthews Folbigg Lawyers also have the largest specialist insolvency practice in Greater Western Sydney and can deal with the full extent of debt recovery from issuing demands to dealing with insolvency practitioners on behalf of creditors.

Matthews Folbigg Lawyers is offering WSBC members a free letter of demand for all instructions received before October 31st 2021 in respect of simple outstanding debts.

Any WSBC member wishing to take advantage of this exclusive offer should simply provide instructions by contacting Anica Cunanan on 9635 7966 or email Matthews Folbigg Lawyers will then prepare for you, FREE of CHARGE a Letter of Demand to be sent on your behalf to your outstanding debtor.

Letters of Demand are the first step in the debt recovery process for credit managers. A good letter of demand sets out clearly the details of the debt that is owed, the amount owing, steps for payment, and consequences for default. In Matthews Folbigg Lawyers experience, a letter of demand issued by a law firm can have a greater impact with debtors who may be ignoring the need for payment of outstanding simple debts.

Your FREE OF CHARGE letter of demand offer includes:

  • A preliminary review of the outstanding debt and advice on whether or not a simple letter of demand is appropriate;
  • A demand including all details of the outstanding debt, steps for payment, and consequences for non-payment (as discussed with you);
  • Approval by you of the form of demand before being sent to your debtor;
  • If your debt or claim is more complex than a simple debt they will provide a recommendation to assist you with your debt recovery needs.

Simply telephone or email Anica and Matthews Folbigg Lawyers will get in touch with you to arrange for your free letter of demand to be prepared immediately.

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