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The Management Team

Amanda Brisot  |  General Manager

General Manager Amanda Brisot is the person to call if you’re excited about growing your business in Western Sydney. Her focus is on facilitating collaboration. She excels at seeing opportunities to bring businesses in Western Sydney together to connect and grow.

Amanda is full of passion for her role and in fact she dreamt of this opportunity for a long time. She grew up in Western Sydney - her oldest friends are here. And more than wanting to change entrenched views of the region, she wants to be instrumental in the change herself.  

From Strategic Matching events connecting like-minded businesses, to the Western Sydney Visitor Network Project, Amanda is astute in finding gaps and spotting opportunities in Western Sydney. Her wealth of contacts and her networking abilities are of proven value to members.

Above all there is an authenticity to Amanda and The Connection team. There is a genuine interest and desire to create a prosperous future for Western Sydney.

Amanda is stubborn - she won’t stop until perceptions have changed and the whole of Australia sees Western Sydney for the down to earth, welcoming place that it is. Western Sydney can longer be ignored under her watch  - its success story is already here. 

Julie Falzon  |  Membership Manager

Membership Manager Julie Falzon's motivation is to improve every aspect of the Western Sydney region. She wants to see more employment, business growth and opportunities for Connection members. She has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on in Western Sydney and knows what’s important to you.

Julie seeks to give every member the best possible experience that she can. That is where her heart is and where her true passion lies. Connection members are busy people. Julie always goes one step further to deliver personalised membership services quickly and efficiently so you can get on with what you’re best at - running your own business.

She connects, updates and shares her wealth of regional knowledge, saving you time by anticipating what you need before you have to ask. She wants to give members extra value in their subscriptions with her personal touch, because for Julie, it’s the little things that count.

She will always be there to welcome you to Connection events, with a warm smile and your name tag at the ready. 

Tracy Dawson  |  Marketing and Events Manager

Tracy Dawson is the Marketing and Events Manager at The Connection and her passion is bringing the high standard of a city event to the west. Tracy is adept in putting ideas into action - she knows what draws a crowd. Tracy sees to it that each and every event delivers the best possible member and guest experience.

Tracy’s events run like clockwork, a must for busy business owners. Her attention to detail from timing, presentation, facilities and seating ensure that guests get a great experience... members are happy... and business leaders make fruitful connections. 

She takes care of every element to make sure schedules run smoothly and delegates are well looked after.

Western Sydney’s business community deserves the best possible event experience. So it’s important to Tracy to challenge the mentality that events held in Western Sydney cannot compete with those in the Sydney CBD. 

It is her philosophy to always give her best. And she is proud that Connection events have a reputation for their professionalism and high standards.

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