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Career Evolution: A STEM Interactive Initiative

Over the next decade, tens of thousands of exciting well paid jobs in advanced manufacturing will become available. Tens of thousands of jobs for young people, right here, in Western Sydney. However there is a skills shortage - a gap that has been recognised by government and industry - and here’s how your school can play a vital role in bridging this gap. 

Industry 4.0 is driving seismic shifts in education and the future of work. Skills gaps are widening and there is a shortage of workers entering key growth sectors, particularly within STEM based roles such manufacturers, scientists, technicians and engineers.

Latest research from Engineers Australia shows that declining rates of secondary students taking up STEM aligned subjects will have significant impacts as we transition from a resource based economy to one that is more technologically driven.

The unique combination of a high percentage of manufacturers and an aggressive growth agenda magnifies these issues for Western Sydney.

Funded by the Federal Government, WSBC has developed Career Evolution, a STEM initiative 

designed to address and bridge the skills gap through education and better connection between schools and industry within the region.

The initiative targets Year 9-12 students in the Western Sydney that will be providing the future workforce for some of the country’s largest infrastructure developments.

It not only positions the future vision for the region as something for them to aspire to, but also showcases the creativity and innovation that is, for the most part, hiding right now behind countless humble factory doors throughout Western Sydney.

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Program Objectives

1. Inspire and inform secondary students to consider a career in STEM aligned, locally based, future facing industries such as advanced manufacturing, aerospace and defence

2. Showcase the creativity, innovation and opportunity located on their doorstep that will provide skilled, well paid and sustainable jobs well into the future

3. Demonstrate the practical and cognitive real-world use of STEM

4. Expand the industry networks for students, schools, career advisors and parents in the local area

5. Assist students and careers advisors to better understand the relevant career paths available to them

6. Provide industry with an opportunity to invest in the future workforce of Western Sydney

Program Overview

Commencing early 2022, this program will be delivered virtually to the classroom with 1 lesson per week, over a 3 week period. All lessons will be hosted by Dr Jordan Nguyen.

Dr Nguyen is one of Australia’s most innovative engineers, designing a mind controlled wheelchair at just 21 years of age. Dr Nguyen continues to lead in innovative design thinking with a focus on design for humanity. Born and educated in Western Sydney, Dr Nguyen is young, relatable and passionate about STEM education.

Lesson 1: Virtual Tours of Manufacturing Facilities (45 mins)

The virtual tours will feature:

  • Inspiring and exciting footage of the jobs of the future, the Aerotropolis, Sydney Science Park and Campbelltown Health and Education Precinct
  • A look behind the factory doors of successful manufacturers to a world of innovation and creativity with footage of the facilities, the equipment and the end products that they produce
  • Interviews with employees from manufacturing organisations

Lesson 2: Live Q&A (45 mins)

A live, online Q&A session hosted by Dr Nguyen with advanced manufacturing representatives. Students will have the opportunity to ask live and pre-submitted questions as part of this professionally produced and hosted session. The teachers will be asked to work with the students to develop a list of pre-submitted questions in addition to encouraging them to ask live questions.

Lesson 3: Hands-On Activities (45 mins)

Aimed at bringing advanced manufacturing to life, students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on STEM activities in the classroom. These activities will be supported by the supply of materials, instructions and a virtual demonstration.

Work Placements

All participating employers will be actively encouraged to consider work placements including traineeships, part time and casual jobs (where age appropriate), work experience and apprenticeships.


Fitting with Existing Programs

This program is designed to deliver the highest possible impact with minimal resource investment from schools and industry, making it easy for everyone to engage.

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For further information contact:

Amanda Brisot, General Manager

Western Sydney Business Connection


M: 0421 118 441     

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