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  • 21-Jun-2017 09:07 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    With the commencement of a new financial year, it brings with it important changes and new rates which will apply from 1 July 2017.

    NEW! High Income Threshold (HIT)

    With the HIT:

    • it is expected to increase to $143,500 (subject to formal confirmation by the FWC)
    • it impacts:

    (a) who can make a claim for unfair dismissal (for those not covered by a Modern Award or to whom an enterprise agreement does not apply)

    (b) the maximum amount of compensation payable in an unfair dismissal claim

    (c) those on a 'guarantee of annual earnings' (a Modern Award does not apply to an employee whilstever this guarantee is in place provided it continues to meet the relevant legislative requirements)

    NEW! Modern Award Increases

    With Modern Awards (including enterprise awards):

    • minimum wages increase by 3.3% (starting on the first full pay period on or after 1 July 2017)
    • absorption of wage increases into over-award payments is permissible (subject to the terms of the relevant employment agreement and what other amounts are being absorbed into any annualised salary)
    • increases to the minimum wages of junior workers, apprentices, trainees, piece workers and employees on the supported wage system will occur
    • expense-related allowances in Modern Awards will increase as set out in the Modern Award (eg, by the applicable CPI index figure)
    • annualised salaries will need to be checked to ensure they can still properly absorb/include all relevant minimum Modern Award amounts and that they continue to meet the technical requirements of the Modern Award

    NEW! National Minimum Wage (NMW)

    With the NMW:

    • this is applicable to employees to whom neither a Modern Award or enterprise agreement applies
    • the NMW increases by 3.3% to become $694.90 per week or $18.29 per hour
    • in addition:

    (a) special NMW rates apply to employees with disabilities, junior employees, apprentices, and those on training arrangements

    (b) the minimum casual loading remains unchanged at 25%

    NEW! Impact on Enterprise Agreements

    With enterprise agreements:

    • they must always meet or exceed the minimum wage of:

    (a) the relevant Modern Award (ie, the Modern Award that would have applied had the enterprise agreement not been in existence)

    (b) the NMW (ie, where a Modern Award would not apply even if the enterprise agreement was not in existence)

    • thus, pay rates in enterprise agreements may need to be increased (even if the enterprise agreement has its own wage increase regime)

    NEW! The Sting

    Be mindful that wage increases may have flow-on effects such as increasing:

    • the value of leave loading, penalty rates, overtime and superannuation contributions
    • the value of accrued leave entitlements
    • the cost of wage related expenses such as payroll tax and workers compensation premiums

    NEW! Redundancy

    The tax-free component of a genuine redundancy payment increases to be:

    • a base amount of $10,155
    • an additional amount of $5,078 for each completed year of service

    NEW! Superannuation Contributions Base

    With superannuation:

    • the maximum superannuation contribution base increases to $52,760 per quarter ($211,040 per annum)
    • an employer is not required to make superannuation contributions on behalf of employees on earnings in excess of that maximum contribution base


    If you have any questions or would like any assistance, please feel free to speak with or email a member of our Matthews Folbigg Workplace Solutions team on (02) 9635 7966 or

    DISCLAIMER: This article is provided to clients and readers for their general information and on a complimentary basis. It contains a brief summary only and should not be relied upon or used as definitive or complete statement of the relevant law.

  • 20-Jun-2017 17:43 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Book before 30th September 2017 and receive a complimentary lectern and microphone PLUS a DJ for 4 hours of your event!

    Host your end of year event or work Christmas party in one of the 11 great event spaces at the Novotel Sydney Parramatta. The hotel features Western Sydney’s largest pillar-less hotel ballroom which can cater for up to 550 people. Each function room has access to state of the art audio visual equipment and the popular Lennox Ballroom has customised ceiling lighting to set the festive mood at your party!

    Novotel's professional event planning and catering teams can help make your Christmas party a memorable event for all. With a range of packages and inclusions, Novotel Sydney Parramatta can cater to suit all budgets.

    Enquire today! 


    P: (02) 9630 4999

    or click here to visit Novotel Sydney Parramatta's website. 

    *Terms and conditions apply. Subject to availability at time of booking.

  • 20-Jun-2017 17:02 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    You know the feeling. You're about to give the biggest presentation of your life to a room full of strangers who will be critiquing your every word. A lot is riding on it, but you know the content. You're feeling confident, yet, five minutes before you're due to start, your heart starts beating through your chest, your hands sweat, and you're not sure if you can remember the opener that you've rehearsed a thousand times. 

    You are experiencing an Amygdala Hijack and the clever part of your brain, the cortex, is shutting down.

    If you are interested in learning a technique that will allow you to stay in high-performance mode, with the clever part of your brain working for you, even under intense pressure, then watch the clip below from a recent Great Managers MasterClass.

  • 19-Jun-2017 17:00 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Martin is 14 year old Jessica’s dad, Martin is a single dad and like many families he is concerned for Jessica’s future.

    “I try not to think what will happen when I’m gone, but I do”

    “I want her taught life skills so she can be independent because I’m not going to be around forever.”

    Jessica was born with Down syndrome and Martin recently told us “if anyone says being a single dad is easy, put my shoes on and see how you go. It hasn’t been easy…”.

    “Jessica’s mum and I found out she was going to be Down syndrome in an ultrasound. We decided we would give her the best care in the world,” Martin says.

    The first two years of Jessica’s life were spent in and out of hospital, with her first major surgery at 5 weeks old, heart surgery at 15 months and an operation to remove her tonsils and adenoids on her 2nd birthday.

    “It’s definitely been hard yacka. Coping with all the illness because of her low immune system was hard but getting Jessica to walk, eat properly and use her motor skills, were also difficult. There are also a lot of challenges with talking. Jessica used to get upset and hit herself when she couldn’t express herself and no one could understand her.”

    Martin was referred to Northcott by Jessica’s school, when he started noticing improvements in her speech, her confidence and her independence.

    At Northcott we are dedicated to supporting people with disability to realise their potential.

    “It’s been about two years with Northcott now. The therapists have been going to Jessica’s school, coming here to the house and getting her to talk a lot better.”

    Once she learned to talk and increased her communication skills, her confidence and self-esteem dramatically improved.

    “Since this started, she is using a lot more words and expressing herself a lot better. She’s not stressing out so much with her talking.”

    “She’s come a long way and I’m really happy with the work,” he says.

    Martin says that with Northcott’s support, Jessica is becoming more independent, giving him peace of mind that she will be capable of looking after herself in the future.

    With over 85 years of experience and expertise, Northcott delivers quality disability services that support families like Martin and Jessica, but we need your generosity to ensure our programs are ongoing.

    How to make your gift:

    Visit: to make a secure online donation.

    Call: 1800 818 286 and Northcott’s Donor Care Coordinator will be able to take your gift over the phone.

    All gifts $2 and over are tax deductible. ACN 000 022 971 ABN 87 302 064 152

  • 19-Jun-2017 16:07 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    If you like to challenge yourself at marathons, running festivals or fun rides, remember to register in the below events and select Westmead Medical Research Foundation as your preferred charity.

    On Sunday, 13 August, you can make your experience at the world’s largest fun run even more meaningful, by supporting the delivery of medical research and patient care.

    Simply join the The Sun-Herald City to Surf and select Westmead Medical Research Foundation as your cause to fundraise. Help us to provide patients with access to the best possible treatment and care locally and globally.

    Locally, as with your donation you are helping us to fund new, cutting edge medical equipment and innovative patient care services. Globally, because together we are funding life-saving, visionary research projects in search of prevention, treatments and cures to some of the most devastating diseases affecting our communities.

    Do you think you need to train a bit more? If so, join the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival on Sunday 17 September and run along with over 32,000 participants from over 66 countries. By choosing to support Westmead Medical Research Foundation you will be helping us to ensure all patients receive the best care today, while searching for a healthier tomorrow.

    If what you prefer is a two-wheel challenge then the 2017 Bowral Classic on Sunday 22 October is for you! Feel the freedom of the picturesque Southern Highlands while fundraising for Westmead Medical Research Foundation, simply select us from the drop-down menu under the Fundraising Page section.

    Join our own Dr Philip Lee from Westmead Hospital Palliative Care and 2017 Citizen of the Year, who has accepted the challenge and will participate at the Bowral Classic fundraising for Westmead Medical Research Foundation.

    For more information about supporting Westmead Medical Research Foundation please visit or call 02 9845 6289.

    Good luck and thank you!

  • 19-Jun-2017 15:48 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Welcome to the 2017 edition of the Winter Wealth Update, brought to you by Pitcher Partners Sydney Wealth Management.

    In this edition Pitcher Partners provide an overview of:

    • The NSW first home buyer relief package;
    • Re-cap the super changes that will take effect from 1 July; and
    • Review some of the nuances associated with the CGT relief rules when complying with the $1.6 million transfer balance cap.

    Click here to read the Winter Wealth Update 2017.

    For more information, please contact your Pitcher Partners representative:


    Martin Fowler

    Partner, Wealth Management

    +61 2 8236 7776

    Pitcher Partners Sydney

    Level 22 MLC Centre, 19 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

  • 19-Jun-2017 15:21 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    In 2017, the Ronald McDonald House Westmead Charity Golf Classic will be held for the first time at North-West Sydney’s premier course, Lynwood Country Club.

    The annual event sees almost 150 guests gather for a BBQ breakfast, before spending a morning on the course and returning to the clubhouse for a relaxed, catered lunch.

    Now in its 19th year, the day has built a dedicated community of golfers from the corporate world who return year after year for a fantastic day of golf that also supports seriously ill children and their families staying at Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

    With prizes and games throughout the course, and awards and auctions at the ‘19th hole’ the Charity Golf Classic provides a perfect networking opportunity in a friendly, casual atmosphere, as well as the chance to take on a top-notch links-style course.

    In 2017, places are selling quickly, but there are still spots available for teams, as well as gold sponsorship opportunities for the day. Gold sponsorship opens the door to on-course and online branding, commercial activations and – of course – a fantastic day of Ambrose-style golf for a team of four.

    Teams of 4 are available for $800, while gold sponsorship opportunities are available from $2000, with all proceeds going towards Keeping Families Close at Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

    To find out more, contact Michelle Burman on 9485 0600 or

  • 16-Jun-2017 10:54 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    After the success of their first event, the Western Sydney Wanderers are excited to announce their 2nd annual Gold Star Luncheon, to be held on Friday, 14th July at The Westin, in celebration of their first ever marquee international match against Arsenal FC.

    Learn about the business of Arsenal with special guest speaker Arsenal CEO Ivan Gazidis, be inspired to succeed after invincible conversation with Arsenal legend Ray Parlour and expand your professional networks with likeminded leading Sydney wide businesses.

    This is an event you don’t want to miss. Book today to take advantage of early bird pricing.

  • 16-Jun-2017 10:33 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    Parramatta Square and the cultural infrastructure currently underway will deliver a Smart City and core CBD to greater Sydney.

    Expansions at Westmead will create a world class health precinct, as well as opportunities for nearby hospitals to expand their services to an ageing population.

    Rail, light rail and road infrastructure, intermodal facilities at Moorebank, expansion of the higher education sector and new high school campuses, all point to new developments that will accommodate the rapid growth of Western Sydney’s population in future decades.

    The Federal government’s decision to directly invest in the development of Western Sydney’s airport at Badgery’s Creek is a milestone.

    By providing a gateway for lightweight freight, domestic and international travellers, Western Sydney will not only have better access but more competitiveness on the world stage.

    Innovative businesses, local councils and not-for-profit service providers will all benefit from this growth.

    The current job and entrepreneurial opportunities in Parramatta and the growth corridors in Western Sydney are distinctively different from the region’s blue-collar heritage.

    Knowledge-based employment and business opportunities will require digitally savvy, customer-centric and flexible workers who are able to constantly learn and adapt.

    Western Sydney’s new found accessibility will create export opportunities but this will also open us to increased global competition.

    Automation of routine physical and clerical tasks will take away many of the jobs employing people today.

    New digital and easy-to-use technologies can lead to more knowledge based jobs for those businesses investing in human capital and innovation to improve their agility and profitability.

    Automation of low value added activities will become the norm with intuition and customer-centric thinking keys to enabling sustainable growth.

    Success isn’t a given though, and local businesses will need to work hard to reap the benefits. KPMG Partner - R&D and Incentives, Paul van Bergen, who is based in Parramatta advises businesses on the best way to maximise opportunities.

    “Think about what customers will demand in the future,” he says. “The winners in the West will be companies which strategically invest in developing products and services that customers want and need, creating alliances to leverage skills to provide world class solutions from local suppliers.

    “Some of this investment will be in the form of R&D, some in trialling innovative business models. For many, this might involve encouraging entrepreneurial behaviours to create, accelerate and commercialise new business models.

    “Increased funding from NSW and Federal governments is available for collaborative R&D and developing digital technologies for established businesses.

    “Through the Western Sydney University LaunchPad accelerator, companies can access expertise and leading-edge technologies subsidised by the NSW government technology vouchers.

    “For example, the School of Engineering Computers and Mathematics has assisted traditional manufacturing companies in developing solutions that apply the Internet of Things to create new service lines.

    “This enables closer relationships with technologically demanding customers. Partially funded by R&D tax offsets, this reduces the after-tax cost of transforming a business to become a global player.”

    Cloud technology has changed the way we work, how health and social services are delivered and how businesses provide goods and services in the future.

    For businesses looking to capitalise on Western Sydney’s growth, this means that the need to invest in and embrace cloud technology is no longer a choice. It’s an imperative.

    It’s important to keep tabs on the cost effectiveness of all business activities. Understanding what cloud technology can contribute to improve profit margins, better decision making and ensuring businesses deliver a unique and consistent customer experience.

    Gordon Irons, KPMG Partner - Technology Advisory, says: “Cloud-based solutions make it possible to get more value out of existing data and IT services. The mid-market can now access user-friendly business systems at a fraction of the cost of the amounts historically paid by their larger competitors.

    “This increased flexibility will enable Western Sydney businesses to become more nimble, responsive and entrepreneurial.

    “The ability to harness accurate, meaningful and real-time information from systems that can be accessed via a mobile device or any internet connection will help all these Western Sydney businesses to become more competitive, agile and profitable.”

    Article by: 

    David Pring 

    Managing Partner

    KPMG Parramatta

    This article was first published in Western Sydney Business Access -

  • 16-Jun-2017 08:30 | Tracy Dawson (Administrator)

    The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development will hold an Industry Information session for experienced businesses interested in design and construction opportunities for the Western Sydney Airport project on the morning of Monday 26 June 2017 in Western Sydney.

    The session will provide details on procurement and construction timeframes and is tailored for established businesses who are capable of offering specific services, including:

    • earthworks (22 million cubic metres)

    • building a 3.7 km runway, aprons and taxiways;

    • terminal construction (up to 90,000 m2 floor area);

    • drainage and utilities works;

    • car parking facilities for around 11,500 cars;

    • onsite roads; and

    • environmental management.

    To register your interest in attending the Industry Information Session, please visit and submit a registration form by 21 June 2017. More information about the event and invitations will be sent to those registered.

    The event is an information session only and attendance is not a requirement for participation in any subsequent procurement processes. Information from the event and a copy of the presentation will be made available on the Western Sydney Airport website, following the session, for those unable to attend.

    Autumn 2017 Community Update out now

    The Western Sydney Airport Community Update newsletter for autumn 2017 is out now. Click here to find out more about the latest news in the project, including the establishment of WSA Co and the work happening on the airport site.

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