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  • 18-Aug-2016 16:42 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Tesla Motors is barely a decade old and enjoys a worldwide reputation and financial success. It started from scratch with a bright idea, like most start-ups and small businesses, and much can be gleaned from the way Tesla has managed its ideas.

    Pre-orders for the latest Tesla Motors "Model 3" have exceeded US$14 billion in future sales and are testimony to the transformational effect it is having on the automotive industry. Intellectual capital, in the form of intellectual property (IP) rights, has helped steer the company from engineers in a garage to success on the commercial highway.

    Here are three examples of how Tesla Motors was able to use IP rights to fuel its growth (without ever having to enforce them!).

    1. Start up phase: attracting investment

    To date, Tesla owns approximately 900 patents worldwide. But during early stages, Tesla focused only on protecting a few key solutions to problems faced by electric vehicles at that time. One of their earliest patents filed was simply for a method and apparatus for mounting, cooling, connecting and protecting batteries (see US patent application 2007/0009787).

    Owning IP rights, however, enabled Tesla to approach the likes of angel and venture capital investors to attract the necessary funding for developing the Roadster model with British car manufacturer Lotus, and growing the business.

    In exchange for providing the money to build and market your products, investors want to know that your point of difference cannot be easily replicated, and that the business has legal assets to protect it, in the hope that these will grow in value with the success of the firm.

    2. Gaining momentum: protection is leverage

    The Tesla Roadster was launched in 2008 with a string of IP rights behind its proprietary technology. These related to numerous improvements to the electric vehicle, including the battery life being extended to a range of 394 km per charge and the ability to supercharge without detriment to battery lifespan. For the first time, electric cars were both more feasible and attractive to a commercial market.

    A small business with a well-protected idea or brand is in a much stronger position to negotiate with a large corporate - even more so if their idea has proven commercial market interest. Most competitors and organisations are all too eager to avoid the threat of infringement, which carries real legal, financial and reputational risks, in favour of either doing a deal with the rights owner or staying out of the market completely.

    3. Reinventing the wheel: brand enhancement

    In 2012, Tesla Motors launched the Model S and subsequently entered a more mature era of production, with sales exceeding 50,000 vehicles on the road. This level of success spurred Tesla Motors to continue using its IP rights to further growth.

    Telsa’s CEO, Elon Musk, used the company’s early success from its patent rights to increase the value of its goodwill and trade mark rights (brand). Yes, you heard right. Musk made an unprecedented announcement in 2014 that anyone could use Tesla's portfolio of patent rights.

    He was thereby supporting the development of the technology to help grow the mainstream market size for electric vehicles, while cementing Tesla's reputation amongst buyers as an innovator in the field of electric vehicles.

    The ultimate end-goal for many businesses is to build a powerful and valuable brand that can be used as a competitive edge to distinguish present and future products and services in the market.

    By protecting your ideas – your intellectual property rights – you have powerful tools at disposal that can be utilised in different ways according to the needs of each business stage.

    Author: Jack Shan, Patent Attorney at DCC

    © 2016 Davies Collison Cave

  • 17-Aug-2016 10:59 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Over the years, as much has been invested into Nickaz as a company as has been invested in giving back.

    We have been involved in a lot of charities; Ride to Conquer Cancer, hosting The World’s Greatest Shave, the PIF annually to raise money for homeless children, the City2Surf, the Steve Waugh Foundation Ride and more recently Kazan has been working closely with John Maclean and his foundation.

    Then there’s everything behind the scenes - Kazan and Nicole don’t bat an eyelid to jump in and help out people in need directly - financially, with resources or connecting people to create a supportive network. I’ve never witnessed any consideration to receive acknowledgement or repayment.

    It’s rare to meet individuals so adamantly open to giving, over and over … how are people that genuine shaped? I asked Kazan what it meant to him;

    ‘For many people that have been successful in business – do you know how many at some point in life have been told “How lucky” they are when someone gets a glimpse of their wealth?

    The last time someone told me how lucky I was I thought to myself, isn’t luck when you win the lotto or Keno or find fifty bucks on the ground???

    I wish that person was around when I had nothing. Living in a shed with my wife and three young kids, holes in the floors and walls, and in the bitter cold of winters and the searing heat of endless summers…when people I employed often earned more than me. Getting out of bed in the morning at 4:30, working on the tools till 12pm, changing into nice clothes to visit clients in the afternoon, getting home to see the family and help put the kids to bed, then working on designs and quotes until midnight before starting all over again.

    Day after day. Year after year.

    Or the times I had to do all-nighters…being so tired that I fell asleep on the floor of an office building with a cordless drill in my hand and a screw half in the wall.

    NO, for me there is no “luck”, just hard work, perseverance, work ethic and many other things you need to get you to where you need to go.

    One of the greatest things I have learned though - through my experiences and coming from a humble beginning having to work my way up - is a deep understanding of what people less fortunate than me now can go through.

    As I get older and as I enjoy some of the success of years of hard work, it only deepens my sense and need to give back.

    As a business owner and as I’m seen more and more as a leader in my field and the wider community, the idea strengthens that all of us who enjoy success for whatever reason should think about the people who need our help and try in some way, whether it be time or maybe financially but we should all try in some way to PAY BACK!!’


    Kazan Hadden


    0416 024 369

    Board Member, The John Maclean Foundation

    Alison Meurant

    Director of Sales and Operations

    0450 608 804

    Address: Suite 101, 22 Brookhollow Avenue, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153

    Phone: 02 9659 3387


    Wesbite: (currently under construction)

    Instagram: @nickaz_constructions

    Facebook: Nickaz Commercial Interiors

  • 16-Aug-2016 16:33 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    THE leaders of the NSW office of Davidson collectively have more than 70 years’ experience in recruitment, technology and HR consulting.

    Given their extensive experience in enhancing workplaces in Western Sydney, it seemed only fitting for the team to be a sponsoring supporting partner for WSBC’s State of the Region address luncheon on September 8.

    Davidson is one of Australia and New Zealand’s leading recruitment and HR consulting companies with offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland.

    Their Sydney office focuses on recruitment in Projects & Operations, Executive, Technology and Project Technology and HR Consulting services.

    The teams are led by Davidson’s state general managers, including:

    • Tracy McClenaghan is the new General Manager of Davidson’s NSW Executive team. Over the past 11 years, Tracy has developed a strong reputation in executive recruitment across director, executive and board level and is proud to be on the NSW government panel.

    • Amanda Sheard is the NSW General Manager for Davidson Consulting & HR Solutions and brings her combined expertise over 20 years in career coaching, leadership performance, organisational and learning development, consulting and leadership advisory to the role.

    • With more than 17 years’ experience in recruitment, Gareth Broadrick is the General Manager of Davidson’s NSW Projects & Operations team. Gareth has worked extensively in property, construction, mining and engineering sectors across England, Australia and PNG.

    • Roger Brant is the NSW General Manager for Davidson Technology and has worked in technology recruitment for more than 18 years. He has worked with many leading enterprise, technology companies along with numerous SMEs in finding their hard-to-find talent and leads the way in contractor care.

    • Nathan Ierano is the Practice Leader (Project Services), which provides Cloud Services, Technology and Delivery Consulting, Project and Program Delivery and Professional Services for Monitor Consulting’s clients across Australia.

    Between them, each team has years of experience within their field and have worked with some of the world’s leading brands to achieve more for, and with, their people to deliver real business outcomes.

    We are dedicated to working with top talent in the market, as we understand that the right people can drive your productivity, build culture and enhance workplace performance.

    Our micro-specialists possess in-depth knowledge in their fields to provide strategic business advice or career development expertise. With a strong and respected presence in their sectors and communities, our micro-specialists have particular experience working with key clients in Western Sydney and further.

    Whether you need to find talent, develop or engage them, or set up the strategy, structures and processes to support them – we’ll help you achieve sustainable results through your people.

    For more information call (02) 8093 0600 or visit

  • 16-Aug-2016 14:30 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Parramatta will be the focus of the global film industry next February when Tropfest relocates to its new home in Parramatta Park.

    The move coincides with the 25th anniversary of Australia’s most prestigious short film festival, which is the largest event of its kind in the world. It will give the festival an opportunity to expand and make it more accessible for film lovers from across Sydney and beyond.

    “Great cities have great festivals and this is a chance for the Parramatta community to be part of one of the world’s best-loved film festivals. Council is proud to partner with the Western Sydney Parklands Trust and the organisers of Tropfest to bring this world-class event to Parramatta,” City of Parramatta Administrator Amanda Chadwick said.

    Moving Tropfest to Parramatta places the event at the heart of Global Sydney, and adds to the city’s growing reputation as a thriving centre for arts and culture.

    It is expected that more than 50,000 people will attend the event, providing major tourism benefits for Parramatta and injecting at least $2 million into the local economy.

    “Parramatta is a true events destination and I’m sure Tropfest will find a happy home in our city. Bringing Tropfest to Parramatta Park will give the event room to grow and prosper and will enable a whole new audience to discover the future stars of Australian film,” Ms Chadwick said.

    Founder of Tropfest, John Polson said: “It’s difficult to put into words how excited I am about our move to Parramatta. As soon as I laid eyes on beautiful Parramatta Park, I knew we’d found our new home.

    “Seeing the support and enthusiasm from our new partners at Parramatta only confirmed that belief. For me, this is an amazing opportunity to bring our loyal Tropfest audience with us as we embark on a new journey with new film lovers - and filmmakers - at our beautiful new home,” Mr Polson said.

    The 25th annual Tropfest will be held in Parramatta Park on Saturday 11 February 2017. Entries for the festival open in September and the Tropfest Signature Item for 2017 will be ‘Pineapple’.

    To find out more visit

  • 15-Aug-2016 17:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Research shows that more than 70% of employees in Australia are not engaged at work, which means they’re not working to their full capacity. This is costing your business BIG TIME. The research is also clear that no-one affects an employee’s engagement as much as their immediate manager or supervisor.

    Management and leadership drive culture, which drives your organisation’s performance. And your workplace culture shapes leadership too.

    So, culture is the glue that holds an organisation together. It’s your organisational DNA.

    In the Great Managers® Program, we say culture is everything we think, everything we say, everything we do in our workplaces. It is the expression of who we are together. Language, behaviour and relationships at work are the biggest influencers of your culture

    Culture is the force that determines how people behave when no one is looking—it strengthens a workplace and can provide immense competitive advantage. Think Google or Apple - world renowned for their culture. People line up for job opportunities with them… and for their next product release.

    The wrong culture, however, can be toxic and erode the confidence and effectiveness of people. Results can still be achieved but at a much higher cost and effort.

    Improving your culture can deliver huge benefits to your business:

    • Financial – the better the culture and employee engagement the better the bottom line results

    • You’re more likely to attract and retain talented staff

    • Morale is higher – staff are more energetic & enthusiastic

    • Responsiveness to change is better

    • There is more co-operation and teamwork

    • Productivity is higher

    • Physical and emotional safety improves - there tends to be fewer workers compensation claims and less grievances

    • Reduced staff turnover and absenteeism

    There are 2 ways that culture forms: Accidentally or Deliberately. You can be sure that Google’s culture did not form accidentally!

    Culture happens – for better or for worse. Every organisation has a culture. Proactively choosing to create your culture in a deliberate and intentional way can build a high performing workplace – a great place to work!

    At Great Managers® we have developed a 6 Step System for Deliberately Creating Your Culture and one of these crucial steps is to Bring Your Organisation’s Values to Life. Values are your standards of what is acceptable and unacceptable. People connect to values. They have intrinsic value... only IF you bring them to life.

    They come to life through discussions, interpretations, and your team being able to make the values meaningful and connect them to your context.

    As a leader, the challenge is to “unfreeze” established behaviours in your team that aren’t in alignment with your values and create the motivation to change so that employees can learn new productive behaviours. Then “refreeze” those behaviours over time through feedback and rewards. And most importantly, never tolerate behaviour outside your values!

    I am coaching our members on this 6 Step Culture Building System in detail via a Great Managers® MasterClass. If you would like VIP access to one of these sessions, which are held monthly via webinar, please contact the team at or reach out to us at September’s State of the Region Address.

    Sandra Wood

    Founder & Managing Director



    P: (02) 9501 1457

  • 15-Aug-2016 16:03 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Blacktown City Council is a multi-award winning council, having received 13 national and state awards so far this year.

    “Blacktown City Council has never won so many awards in such a short period of time," said the Mayor of Blacktown City, Councillor Mayor Bali.

    “It shows how much of a change the council has made in the way it operates. 

    “We have a long tradition of winning awards, but this last six months has seen a virtual avalanche,” he said.

    “The one that I am probably the most proud of is the 2016 NSW/ACT Parks and Leisure Australia Award of Excellence that was won by Mount Druitt Swimming Centre.

    “At one stage the plan was to close the Centre, yet within a couple of years it has become an award winning recreational centre for the entire community.

    “Even in winter it is popular, with the family fish-in drawing once again booked to capacity,” he said.

    Blacktown City Council’s award for the way it planned recreational spaces in the north west growth was another outstanding achievement, he said.

    The Council also won awards for its 2015 Annual Report, Community Report and Community Calendar, the White Ribbon accreditation campaign, the restoration of Melrose House and the innovative way its stormwater planning led to better use of water that would otherwise run down drains, Mayor Bali said.

    The complete list of awards:

    • RH Dougherty Award for the 2015 Sustainable September Eco Festival
    • Urban Design Institute’s Excellence in Government Leadership award for Blacktown City Council’s portfolio of Community Hubs won.
    • Mount Druitt Swimming Centre won the 2016 NSW/ACT Parks and Leisure Australia Award of Excellence for ‘Inclusive and Connected Communities’
    • The state Parks and Leisure Awards of Excellence, for its approach to planning the open spaces being created in the North West (and now in contention for a national award).
    • Blacktown Leisure Centre Stanhope was awarded the AH Pierce 2016 Facility of the Year at the Aquatic and Recreation Institute Awards. Mount Druitt Swimming Centre was also named as a finalist
    • Blacktown City’s Stormwater Education Program won the Stormwater NSW Excellence Award in the Excellence in Policy or Education category for its project titled Expanding the Reach of Stormwater Education in Blacktown City.
    • NSW Local Govt Excellence Award (Special Project Initiative) for the White Ribbon accreditation project.
    • RH Dougherty Award (Highly Commended) in the Excellence in Communication category for its White Ribbon accreditation campaign
    • RH Dougherty Award (Highly Commended) Reporting to your Community category for the “Sporting City” themed 2015 Annual Report, Community Report and Community Calendar.
    • The Conservation Commendation for Heritage Architects from the Australian Institute of Architects (Restoration of Melrose House)
    • Commendation award from the Australian Property Institute (Restoration of Melrose House)
    • Blacktown City Council’s 2015 annual report was awarded a bronze award at the Australasian Reporting Awards in June 2016.
    • Peel Reserve at The Ponds was awarded a high commendation in the Playspace: Major (>$0.5m) category at the 2016 Parks and Leisure Australia (NSW/ACT) Awards of Excellence

  • 15-Aug-2016 16:00 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The public open space at the corner of Erby Place and Phillip Street in the City’s popular Eat Street precinct will be upgraded to provide a more relaxed urban refuge for workers and restaurant goers.

    The shaded open space, known as Erby Place Pocket Park, adjoins the Eat Street car park and is a high traffic area for pedestrians and vehicles accessing the car park and nearby restaurants.

    “The project will include the installation of high quality granite paving, new floral plantings, an integrated lighting and music system, landscaping, and improved seating and drainage. New power outlets will also be installed to allow workers to recharge their phones and laptops. The popular, established jacaranda trees will be retained as part of the upgrades,” City of Parramatta Administrator Amanda Chadwick said.

    “Erby Place Pocket Park will be a more open and inviting area. The upgrades will provide a much needed rejuvenation of the public space, enhancing the amenity of the area and ensuring its continued use as a popular thoroughfare and city centre refuge for workers and visitors.

    “The changes will also enable better use of the space for events such as the Parramatta Lanes festival.”

    Work on the $600,000 Erby Place Park project started last week and is expected to be completed before Parramatta Lanes in October.

  • 15-Aug-2016 15:51 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Novotel Sydney Parramatta is giving free wireless internet to every conference delegate for the rest of 2016! Simply book your meeting between now and 31st December 2016 and receive our discounted $65.00 day delegate package with complimentary wireless internet.

    Novotel Sydney Parramatta has the right conference space for you with 11 newly refurbished event venues featuring state-of-the-art audio visual equipment and convenient undercover secure parking. You can plan your meeting with Novotel Sydney Parramatta’s professional event planning and catering teams.

    To book your event please contact our conference and events team on

  • 15-Aug-2016 15:17 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    (L-R) Minister for Local Government, The Hon Paul Toole MP, Patrick Keough (YERG), Dave Ramas (CCC), Sebastian Houbert (CYN), 

    Michele Mullineaux (CCC), Campbelltown Mayor, Cr Paul Hawker

    Campbelltown City’s Youth Week program has taken out top honours at the 2016 Local Government Week Awards, receiving the Youth Week Award for the best local program.

    Each year, the Minister responsible for youth affairs, in conjunction with the Department of Family and Community Services and Local Government NSW, present awards acknowledging the role played by local councils in helping young people to plan and coordinate Youth Week programs and activities.

    Council’s 2016 Youth Week program was awarded joint winner of the Best Local Youth Week Program category with Cessnock City Council, in recognition of the level of youth participation in the planning and attendance of Youth Week activities, the capacity provided by Youth Week activities for young people to showcase their skills and talents and raise issues of concern to them, and activities which highlight the positive contribution young people make to the community.

    Mayor of Campbelltown, Cr Paul Hawker, said the award was reflective of Council’s commitment to providing a range of activities and opportunities for local young people, both during Youth Week and throughout the year.

    “Council's youth development programs, including our annual Youth Week initiatives, offer free or low cost options for local young people to enjoy safe, healthy activities in their local area.”

    “They also provide opportunities for local young people to develop leadership skills, be exposed to the music and events industries, and gain knowledge and skills in technical/operational support, event management and marketing roles,” Cr Hawker said.

    “I congratulate those involved in this year’s Youth Week program on this significant acknowledgement of their efforts and commitment, and I encourage other local young people to get involved and share their ideas for future programs, events and initiatives in Campbelltown City by joining our Youth Entertainment Reference Group or the Campbelltown Youth Network,” Cr Hawker added.

    Volunteers involved in Council’s Youth Entertainment Reference Group (YERG) and the Campbelltown Youth Network (CYN) actively assist in the development, facilitation and evaluation of local youth activities, youth forums and all ages music events throughout the year. For more information on how to be involved, contact Council's Youth Project Officer on 4645 4816 or email

    To keep up-to-date with local youth initiatives, follow or visit Council’s website.

  • 11-Aug-2016 11:16 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The land has been cleared and the builders have now moved on site, ready to start building our new 'home away from home' to ensure that over 400 families that we turned away last year have a safe and comfortable place to stay while their seriously ill child is being treated at The Children's Hospital Westmead.

    Mike Thomas, Ronald McDonald House Westmead Executive Officer, said research has shown that there are better outcomes for our seriously ill young patients and their families when they are together and the new House will provide this home, support and one less worry during difficult times.

    "We are incredibly excited to see site preparation underway following years of planning and support from both the NSW Government and the corporate sector," Mr Thomas said.

    "Spearheaded by the NSW Government, Ronald McDonald House Charities Australia, Channel Seven and numerous corporate and community supporters, we are working towards our target of $33 million, but we still aren't there yet".

    "We still need everyone's help to reach our goal - we need another $8m to ensure that this home is completed by the end of 2017".

    "This really has been a dream in the making and with the initial construction just about to begin it can't come soon enough."

    For more information on how you can build the love, click here

    Every dollar you donate makes a real difference in the lives of seriously ill children and their families.

    Visit the Gallery to see our latest site photos

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