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posted on September 27, 2010 11:05

Warrick is the General Manager of Coleman Greig Lawyers, western Sydney's leading law firm.  He has been an active participant at Connection X events since commencing work at Coleman Greig 4.5 years ago. 

Warrick had previously undertaken undergraduate degree and a post graduate diploma over 18 years ago and found the thought of returning to University to undertake an MBA daunting.

After being the successful recipient of the UWS/Connection X Graduate Certificate in Business Administration and having completed his first subject, Warrick actually admits to enjoying being back at University.
First Impressions
  • returning to University for post graduate studies is more interesting than I originally thought.  Have 18 years work experience makes the learning so much easier.  Your learning's can be applied to every day work situations
  • no more trips to the library.  Researching is so much easier with most resources on line.  You still have to purchase to text book though!
  • attending the Parramatta campus is easy.  Working and living in Western Sydney it makes sense to study locally.  It takes me 5 minutes to get Uni and 10 minutes to get home.
  • the Parramatta Campus of UWS/SGSM is new with great rooms and a designated post graduated common room
  • great camaraderie amongst students
  • good networking opportunity with many students working  in Western Sydney.
Nature of Learning
  • the nature of learning has evolved since his undergraduate days. 
  • today's learning techniques are more focused on reinforcing your learning's on a week to week basis.
  • writing reflective reports allows you to apply your learning's to your workplace.
  • practical & very relevant to your work environment
  • the more you do on a weekly basis the more you get out of the session
  • subjects which you don't think apply to you or your work environment are presented in a way that do ensure relevancy. 
  • time management becomes a big issue which equates to discipline
  • commit to study at certain times throughout the week
  • a lot of other students are working full time, juggling family commitments and studying.  The lecturers are very understanding  post graduate students time constraints
With the help of Connection X and the kind donation from UWS/SGSM, I have enjoyed my time back at University and look forward to go on and complete my MBA over time.
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