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  • 16-Apr-2015 11:45 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    On Thursday 12 March 2015, the award winning Rosehill Gardens welcomed close to 1,400 guests to the NSW Premier’s Harmony Dinner, hosted in the superb Grand Pavilion. It was a spectacular evening of multicultural food, fashion and performance.  

    Being the largest gala event of its kind that the venue has hosted, it was definitely a welcomed challenge. Rosehill Gardens is not unfamiliar with large scale events; in fact that is exactly what it is set up for, playing host to some of Sydney’s largest events including the Golden Slipper Carnival and the NSW Caravan, Camping and Holiday Supershow, attracting crowds of over 40,000 and 80,000 respectably.

    While the Grand Pavilion is set up to accommodate large scale functions, an event of this size still required additional planning and resource. The event was originally planned for 800 people; however within the final weeks leading up to the night the numbers grew to close to 1,400 guests. Previous to this, the largest Gala Dinner held in this space was for 1,200 guests; therefore it was still somewhat unknown how well the number of guests could be accommodated. 

    With two kitchens already on site, an additional kitchen was also bumped in to service the extensive catering requirements. Being a multicultural event, there was also an impact from a catering perspective, having a large amount of Halal and Kosher dietary requirements. A total of 17 Kosher meals were served on the night, with additional requests received just hours prior to service, whilst the remaining meals were all Halal certified.  A whopping 168 kilograms of Lamb Rump Tenderloin was served during the night, with 20 chefs all spending an enormous 30 hours on food preparation.

    The Harmony Dinner was all about celebrating various cultures, involving a smoking ceremony and various multicultural performances throughout the night, presenting operational considerations.  Smoke detectors were required to be disabled for the smoking ceremony, in addition to a regular presentation stage at the front of the room, three satellite stages were bumped in around the room to accommodate the performances. Four large projection screens were also installed at the front of the room to ensure guests did not miss a single bit of the entertainment throughout the night.   

    Being a multi function event space comes with its challenges. A large function was hosted in the Grand Pavilion the night prior to the Harmony Dinner; meaning bump in could only take place on the day of the event. Exceptional communication and planning was critical to ensure the success of this.

    In addition, being the home of the famous Golden Slipper Carnival running over three Saturdays in March, Rosehill Gardens was in full preparation for the Carnival during this time. With Carnival bump in starting approximately one week out, any work surrounding the function space itself could not happen until after the Harmony Dinner, leaving only one day for bump in. This also meant the Harmony Dinner had to be bumped out the same night. All events over this time were successfully executed, highlighting the scale and flexibility of Rosehill Gardens as a multi function event space.

    In summary flexibility, impeccable planning, and being well equip to handle large scale events, was the key to the success of the Premier’s Harmony Dinner. We look forward to hosting this again in 2016.  

    Rosehill Gardens offers a wide selection of versatile indoor and outdoor areas which can be designed to meet any request. Offering award winning catering and a contemporary suite of spaces, Sydney’s prestigious racecourse has the ability to cater a diverse range of events from intimate meetings to large scale lifestyle exhibitions, product launches, corporate events and outdoor festivals.

    Click here for more information about Events at Rosehill Gardens.

    For all corporate and special event enquires contact:

    Terri-Ann Mikulic
    Group Business Development Manager
    Australian Turf Club
    Ph: (02) 9663 8518

    Natalie Young
    Business Development Manager - Corporate
    Australian Turf Club
    Ph: (02) 9663 8478

  • 16-Apr-2015 10:42 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    How do you think you fare when it comes to comparing your company to your competitors?

    Being better* comprises of effective strategic direction, being organised, and delivering a great service to your clients.
    *better – we mean this in a healthy, competitive way.

    So how good is your current service to your clients? And how can you make it better?

    The first thing you need to remember is that when you deliver above and beyond, your clients become advocates for your brand and refer your business to their friends and associates. You could almost measure how well you are servicing your clients on that point alone – how many referrals were given this month? This is, more often than not, directly proportional to your standard of service.

    Here are some tips on how you may be able to better serve your clients and set yourself apart from your competitors:


    Speed of service is actually not generally looked at that much. Not many businesses focus on the speed of their service; usually their focus is on the quality. And whilst this is still to be taken note of, people appreciate being serviced and delivered to and dealt with quickly.

    This can also include the way you walk and the way you go about getting things done. If you walk slowly, talk slowly, and take a long time to complete things, what kind of image does that give? You want to be known for your quality work, yes, but also for the impressive speed in which you get it done.



    It is common to not always receive exactly what was promised and this has almost become expected in some industries. Being known as the business or company who always delivers what was promised could send you a long way up the line of success.

    Always deliver what you promise.


    Usually it is the little things that keep life interesting and also it is these little things that we tend to share with our friends or family. Here are some examples of doing little things for your clients:

    • Retail. Put a small card with an inspirational quote on it in the bag of your customer’s purchase. Place sweet, interesting items on the shelves of the store. Spray the bags that you give your clients with a little bit of perfume. Place fresh flowers in the store. Retail can be one of the most fun industries to better your service – there is plenty of room to be creative.
    • Service based industries. The key to success in a service based industry comes down to how well you care about the client and how well they feel like you have taken care of them. It is easier to have bad experiences in a service based company than it is in a product or retail environment because the client is not receiving a tangible product.

    The client needs to remember you. Bend over backwards to help them out – even if it is doing something small for them that wasn’t originally agreed upon. Make sure you’re looking, smelling and feeling your best when you deal with you clients – these basics are essential to servicing your clients. Remember their birthdays, their names, their spouse’s names – this is great service.

    Introduce them to a contact that you know will be of benefit to them whether as a service provider or a referral source/connector for them.

    • Product based industries. Product based industries are a little bit difficult to maximise service, especially if there isn’t a physical store and the products are delivered to the client’s door, like wholesale.

    There are obvious things like having easy to use websites, neat and clean packaging that is easy to open, great service over the phone, completing jobs on time, and using delivery trucks or companies that are professional and neat and known for effectiveness.

    A great opportunity in the product based industry is to give the client a follow up call after they have received the product. Ask them if they are satisfied and even ask about the little things like (if applicable) ‘was the delivery person polite?’ This will surely get you remembered as the company who cares for their customers.

    An interesting note: you may find that even if you do make mistakes or not deliver perfect service every time, if you have the intention to help your customer/client and they know that is your intention, small downfalls will be ignored. Customers tend to ignore the small shortcomings if they find their needs are truly being taken care of. 

    Also, if you have called the client and asked for feedback, it lets them know you care about constant improvement and that you are changing those things.

    Also, you must ensure you are getting return for the service you give. There are companies who deliver and deliver and deliver above and beyond the client expectations, but don’t make the client exchange back. This loses the company money and also makes it unfair to you. You cannot achieve your goals without appropriate exchange.

    How you handle complaints also sets you apart, positively or negatively! Don’t get defensive, train your team to listen, hear what the clients are saying and help them to own the issue and acknowledge where they may have gone wrong, too.  Most people just want to be heard and acknowledged.  You could do a little bit extra by giving your staff the ability to gift them a discount or free service or send them an apology gift.


    It is your company, your business, your clients. You know it better than anyone. You need to portray the image you want and the culture you want. Take the time to sit down and get creative and come up with awesome ideas of how you can impress your clients.

    Why not ask your clients or staff to help get the ideas flowing?

  • 14-Apr-2015 11:11 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Rub shoulders with some of racing’s elite, along with corporate VIPs, right on the finish line at Rosehill Gardens at the Ronald McDonald House Westmead's 2015 Winter Cup Day.

    Tickets are $220 pp and include a complete food and beverage package, live and silent auction opportunities along with a special guest keynote speaker. 

    This is an event not to be missed!

    Contact for more details.

  • 09-Apr-2015 12:22 | Anonymous member (Administrator)


    Hold a conference or cocktail function before 31 July 2015 and receive catering and hospitality for a table of 6 at either the Winning Post Restaurant at Rosehill Gardens or Grandview Restaurant at Royal Randwick (valued at $250 per person).  


    Click here to view our conference and cocktail packages for Rosehill Gardens.

    Click here to view our conference and cocktail packages for Royal Randwick.


    Day Delegate Packages start at $80 per person


    3 hour cocktail functions with beverage package start from $90 per person 




    Promotion relates to new bookings only


    Conference or cocktail event must be booked and held prior to end of July 2015


    Conference - Day Delegate Package must be purchased for a minimum of 150 guests


    Cocktail - 3 hours cocktail function must be purchased for a minimum of 150 guests 


    Bookings at the Winning Post and Grandview Restaurant is for a non Carnival day and must be held prior to December 31 2015.

    For more information, please contact:



    P: 1300 729 668





    Winning Post, Rosehill Gardens




    Grandview Restaurant, Royal Randwick 



  • 31-Mar-2015 17:10 | Michael Sugg (Administrator)

    Tuesday, 31 March 2015 marks the end of another Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) year.

    Recent reforms mean some items may require your special attention this year.

    Change of FBT & Gross-Up Rates

    From 1 April 2014, the FBT rate increased from 46.5% to 47%, to align with the maximum personal income tax rate inclusive of Medicare Levy.

    From 1 April 2015, the FBT rate will further increase to 49% resulting from the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

    This means the gross-up rates that apply to different types of benefits are as follows:

    Date fringe benefit provided

    FBT rate

    Gross-Up rate – Type 1 Benefits

    Gross-Up rate – Type 2 Benefits

    1/4/2014 – 31/3/2015




    1/4/2015 – 31/3/2016




    The gross-up rates are used to determine the taxable value of fringe benefits provided.

    Type 1 Benefits include those where the employer is entitled to a GST input tax credit for the benefit provided. Type 2 Benefits include those remaining benefits.

    LAFHA Benefits

    Transitional rules that applied to Living Away From Home Allowance (LAFHA) benefits where agreements were entered into prior to 7.30 pm on 8 May 2012, ceased to apply from 1 July 2014.

    If you had any such agreements in place for employees required to live away from their usual place of residence, then you will need to consider the new rules to determine whether the food and accommodation components of the allowance are exempt from FBT for the year ending 31 March 2015 and beyond.

    The new rules only allow the exemption for employees who owned or leased a home in Australia personally, or whose spouse did, throughout the assignment period during which the employee was required to live away from home. The use of that residence must have continued to be available to them during the period of their assignment. That residence must reasonably be expected to remain at their home at the assignment’s conclusion.

    Even where the above conditions are satisfied, the new rules only allow the exemption to apply for a 12-month period, commencing from the start of the assignment.

    For employees subject to the transitional rules, the 12-month period was deemed to have commenced on 1 October 2012.

    In practice, that means no exemption may apply for your employees who had already been on assignment during the transitional period.

    Car benefits

    For employers using the statutory formula method to calculate car benefits, the taxable value of the benefit will be 20% of the base value of the car for benefits provided from 1 April 2014, regardless of the number of kilometres travelled. (Less any contribution the recipient made.)

    The only exception applies to cars provided under a pre-existing commitment entered into prior to 7.30 pm, 10 May 2011. The old statutory fractions may continue to be applied in those circumstances, meaning your employees should take odometer readings at 31 March.

    The base value of the car should exclude fleet discounts and manufacturer rebates. It is reduced by one-third if the car was held by the employer for more than four years as at the start of the FBT year.

    For employers using the operating cost method to calculate car benefits, remember that employees need to keep a log-book to record business vs private usage during a twelve week period. An updated log book is required where usage substantially changes or every five years.

    Note that the business use status of cars reported to state/territory government registration authorities is now shared with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). You should check whether benefits have been provided for those vehicles registered, as the ATO may investigate where no benefits are reported.

    Car parking benefits

    If you provide parking for your employees on your premises or in the vicinity, remember to obtain details of the lowest daily rate at commercial parking facilities located within one kilometre.

    In-house benefits

    Transitional rules applying to salary packaging arrangements entered into before 22 October 2012 ceased to apply after 1 April 2014. All in-house benefits provided under salary packaging arrangements are now valued at their notional value.

    Due Dates

    FBT returns for the year ending 31 March 2015 are generally due for lodgement on 21 May 2015 with any tax payable by 28 May 2015. A lodgement extension to 25 June 2015 may be available, so contact your Moore Stephens representative for more details.

  • 31-Mar-2015 16:58 | Michael Sugg (Administrator)

    Last week the Minister for Industry and Science, the Hon Ian Macfarlane MP, announced the remaining two Chairs for the five the Industry Growth Centres, which will strengthen industry-led collaboration and drive opportunities for growth.

    The $188.5 million Industry Growth Centres Initiative will establish five Growth Centres, led by eminent industry experienced Chairs, in key growth sectors. Chairs will use their expertise to work with business, researchers and government on practical ways to grow these sectors, boost productivity and create jobs.

    The Chairs of the five Industry Growth Centres are:

    • Mr Andrew Stevens, Chair of the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre
    • Mr Peter Schutz, Chair of the Food and Agribusiness Growth Centre
    • Dr Bronwyn Evans,Chair of the Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Growth Centre
    • Ms Elizabeth Lewis-Gray, Chair of the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Growth Centre
    • Mr Reg Nelson, Chair of the Oil,Gas and Energy Resources Growth Centre

    These Chairs, in consultation with their sectors, will lead the development of a Growth Centre proposal for the government’s consideration. During this phase, Chairs will focus on the strategic intent of the Growth Centre, initial activities, the expected governance arrangements and locations of the Growth Centre, and generating momentum.

    Growth Centres are expected to be up and running by the middle of the year. The Advanced Manufacturing; Food and Agribusiness; and Mining Equipment, Technology and Services Growth Centres are expected to be operational first.

    More information on the Industry Growth Centres is available at

  • 31-Mar-2015 16:53 | Michael Sugg (Administrator)

    A new pilot programme is now open for applications under the Youth Stream of the Industry Skills Fund to help businesses hire young employees.

    The Training for Employment Scholarships programme aims to help deliver skilled young employees to businesses in regions where unemployment is high.

    If you have a business in one of the selected regions, have less than 200 staff and hire an unemployed person aged 18-24 years after 1 March 2015, then you may be eligible for funding of up to $7,500 to help your young employee gain new skills or qualifications.
    Businesses and community service organisations in the selected regions have until 29 February 2016 to apply through the online application form.

    The Industry Skills Fund was launched on 1 January 2015 and forms a key part of the Australian Government’s ambitious VET reform that will lift the quality of training providers and courses to improve the employment prospects of students and the competitiveness of Australia’s economy.

    Visit the Industry Skills - Youth Stream page today to find out whether your business is eligible or call 13 28 46.

  • 31-Mar-2015 16:45 | Michael Sugg (Administrator)

    Businesses and individuals are encouraged to submit their comments on the Australian Government’s tax discussion paper, as part of consultations that will lead to a comprehensive Tax White Paper.

    The tax discussion paper, released by the Treasurer on 30 March 2015, begins a dialogue on creating a tax system that supports higher economic growth and living standards, improves Australia’s international competitiveness and adjusts to a changing economy and new opportunities.

    The community’s responses will inform the Government’s tax options Green Paper, due to be released in the second half of 2015. The Government will seek further feedback on those options before putting forward policy proposals for consideration by the Australian people in before the next election.

    Submissions and suggestions on the discussion paper can be made at the website Submissions on the discussion paper can be made through the website until 1 June 2015.

    WSBC would like to hear from its members on this subject too. Let us know by contacting our CEO, Michael Sugg or responding to this news item below.

  • 26-Mar-2015 16:50 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The Sydney Royal Easter Show is Australia’s largest annual event, attracting close to 900,000 people each year. It is a celebration of Australian culture, from our rural traditions to our modern day lifestyles, providing unique experiences for everyone. 

    Each year the country and city join together to enjoy agricultural competitions, animal experiences, entertainment, carnival fun, shopping and much more. 

    The Show was first held in 1823 and is run by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS), a not-for-profit organisation that promotes and rewards agricultural excellence. Revenue generated through the Show allows the RAS to invest in agricultural programs, competitions, education, youth and rural NSW. Each year the RAS invests nearly $7 million in activities designed to promote agricultural excellence and keep our rural communities strong. 

    There is so much to see and do at this year’s Show, including animal experiences, food and wine, entertainment carnival fun, shopping and much more. 

    Show dates

    Thursday 26 March - Wednesday 8 April 2015

    Opening times

    Show opens at 9am. Pavilions open at 9.30am.

    If you are coming to see judging and competition events that start earlier you'll be allowed entry. 

    Closing times

    Evening entertainment concludes at 9pm. Showbag Pavilion closes at 9.30pm. Coca-Cola Carnival stays open until late.


    Click here for more information on 2015 Sydney Royal Easter Show. 

  • 26-Mar-2015 14:34 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We received some great news last year when our valued customer GNS Wholesale Stationers named us the winner of their inaugural “Outstanding Business Partner Award” for 2014.

    At St.George Bank we take pride in providing exceptional service that exceeds expectations every time and we love it when this gets recognised.

    Alex Stewart, GNS Wholesale Stationers CEO presented the award to St.George at their annual Supplier Awards function in late November 2014.

    GNS has been recognising outstanding suppliers for products that are sold from their business for many years. In 2014 these awards were extended to include business partners such as creative agencies, finance organisations, transport providers, printers, accounting business and consultants to GNS.

    In commenting about the award and St.George, Alex stated; “We felt that the relationship and outcomes that we mutually achieved in a short space of time were a testament to the customer service ethic and high standards held by St.George.”

    “Our previous and long standing banking partners did not treat us like customers; St George took the time and effort to understand our business and structured a solution that allows us to focus on our core competencies.”

    This coveted award was received on St.George’s behalf by Matthew Kelly, Executive Manager, in front of 100 other GNS suppliers and business partners.

    “Our relationship with GNS is still quite new, which makes this win even more special,” Matthew said. “We’re now focussed on a workplace banking package for the company’s employees, and developing a SME offer for some of their clients.”

    If you would like to find out how St.George can help your business, please contact Matthew Kelly.

    Matthew Kelly
    Head of Manufacturing & Wholesale NSW & Executive Manager Western Sydney
    Corporate and Business

    St.George Bank
    Level 1, 60 Phillip St, Parramatta NSW 2150
    +61 2 9893 6090
      0412 265 197

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